Hi There!

I'm Jenna and before we get started, I figured now was as good as time as any to share a few random things about me...

When I was little, I kind of hated the name Jenna, but only because it was unique enough that I couldn't find it on any personalized pencils or license plates for my bike. I grew to love it.

I love blue jeans and you will rarely see me in anything else.  Flip flops are a close second.

I am a vegetarian, love soy lattes, and I hate to cook!

I love adoption and the two most precious miracles it has brought to our lives.

I was born to work with children and have over a decade of experience working in special education.

I love color, but nothing beats a timeless black and white photograph.

I now believe in two of the biggest parenting clichés out there: 1. there is nothing more magical than experiencing life through the eyes of a child and  2. children grow up way too quickly!

I know that parenting is HARD work...I will never judge you for bribing your children with ice cream, legos, candy, or even a pony at a shoot. However, I will encourage you to relax and to let me capture your family's most precious, silly, and magical moments.


The perfect smile isn't everything.  Love and family are.  Let's capture THAT!