Water and Sand.

These three little guys brighten up my day every single time I see them.  They are So.Much.Fun. Major props to their awesome parents for letting this happen! 

Making wishes.

After canceling...um, I think four times due to wind, rain or cold, we finally got this session in!  Of course, it was 90.  Because, yay Wisconsin!  That's how we roll.  

But, because of the rescheduling, we now had flowers and dandelions, and dandelions = wishes.

And wishes are magical.

Will.I.Am is 18 months!

Time sure does fly when you're cute and having fun.


Beautiful family.  Beautiful day.

By the water

In the midst of countless cold and rainy fall days, we finally lucked out and were graced with this amazing backdrop. It was hard to believe it was Lake Michigan out there.

I loved seeing this beautiful family again...and meeting their newest little gem.

Ellie Friends

The hair, the wrist rolls, the smile, and then...elephants!  I mean, what more could I ask for?


Sights of Summer {3}

My little rockstars both (yep...both) had bone graft surgery last week (which, in layman's terms, means they took bone from their skull and grafted it into their gums to fill in the spots where they had deficient bone growth secondary to their cleft lip/palate).  They did amazing and are recovering really well, but the rest of our summer is now dedicated to recovery, which means very limited physical activity and a soft diet (not fun when you're 8.  Or 37).

If you've noticed my posts have been a bit sparse, that is why.  We dedicated our extra time to helping the girls have as much fun (and eating all of their favorite foods) as they could prior to surgery.   They did humor me by allowing me to take them on a little shoot prior to the big day though (if we promised to let them go swinging).

I cannot say enough, how proud of them we are.  They've handled this entire thing with more grace than I ever could have expected and I can say, without a doubt, that I shed far more tears than they did throughout this ordeal.

I'm truly the luckiest mama. <3

But those cheeks...

I feel like it was yesterday that I was taking this little man's newborn photos.  Time flies...and cheeks become even more fantastic. ;-)

Four and Fabulous.

I love getting to see this cutie every year around her birthday and to see how her sweet little personality changes.  This year, she even drew me pictures for my refrigerator <3.

The River

When I start my family portrait sessions, I always stress that natural interactions are more meaningful than getting the perfect smile or the perfectly posed shot.  This family was the epitome of those beautiful, natural interaction with their little guy (who rocked the most amazing one tooth smile, may I add).  Such a joy to work with these three.

Sights of summer {2}

This little grassy field has turned into one of my favorite places to shoot.  There is frequently amazing filtered sunlight pouring over the field, but not this day.  Just as we got there, the skies turned grey so we only stayed for a few minutes before they opened up...just long enough for the girls to start their crowns of clover, one of my favorite things they create every year.  <3 Jenna Stoll Photography | Milwaukee, WIJenna Stoll Photography Milwaukee

It poured buckets for a few minutes and then this...

Sights of summer {1}

I've been FREAKING out lately because my girls are getting O.L.D.  We aren't quite to the "tween" age, but boy...it's coming quickly.  Every day when they wake up, it's like they've aged 1 year. I hear comments "wow, they look so old" all the time now. My aching heart.  So...I'm trying really hard right now to capture their 8 year old awesomeness.  They still love being in front of my camera (most of the time) so I'm going to run with it.

Also.  We got a puppy.  Her name is Aspen and she's pretty great.  We have since discovered that she also really likes bubbles and it's a great way to get rid of some of her puppy energy.  You'll be seeing more of her too :)

Will is One

It seems unfair - we simply blink and time flies in that split second.

Sweet Baby Will is one.

to firsts | part two.


Part two.

After a few wonderful days in San Fransisco, we hit the road and headed to the mountains.


Unfortunately, any plans we had for exploring and hiking were quickly squashed by ridiculous amounts of snow dumping within minutes of us arriving in the park.  BUT, it was lovely nonetheless.

...and we closed out our vacation with a trip to the beautiful Muir Woods and Muir Beach.


“We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong.”


New | Baby Colden

Welcome to the world sweet Colden.

Sweetest little family of three <3.

hi, I'm one!

Happy birthday little guy!

'tis the season

a peek at our annual shenanigans

love this time of the year

tree skirt skirt ;-)

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the "s" word

I'm still catching up on summer and fall blog posts...but couldn't resist sharing this now.  We had our first snowfall and although I wasn't quite ready for it (mentally), IT. WAS. BEAUTIFUL.

...and my two goofballs had a blast :)


Music Man | their beautiful ordinary

Hanging out at home | Their Beautiful Ordinary

Unscripted.  Unposed.  Real life in the backyard.