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I don't consider myself old, but as I've gotten oldER, I have really come to appreciate and reflect on things very differently. I think most of us do at some point, especially once we become parents and take on the ultimate responsibility of raising a family. Perhaps the biggest shift has been my perspective on what I teach my children and how I want the world to look for them and their families as they grow up.  Over time, I have come to believe that our children...all children...deserve more.  And by "more", I mean less of the tangibles that clutter our homes and our minds, but more of the things that really matter and help them grow.  I want to leave them with sweet memories, trees to climb, rocks to throw, flowers to pick, gardens to tend to, healthy food to eat, clean water to swim in, clean air to breathe, and opportunities to grow and explore.  They need what's already here.  The things that need protecting.

So where am I going with this?  Well, when I sat down to write this post, my intent was to write a short blurb about the products that will be available following your sessions.  The end.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I felt I needed to share the reasons behind my decisions.  Why finding the "right products" to me isn't just about what's the prettiest.  Now, of course that is important to me - after all, I want you to be proud of the tangible keepsakes you are investing in and sharing with your loved ones, but providing you with environmentally responsible products is JUST as important to me.  Our impact on the environment isn't something we take lightly in our home and our daily lives, so it only made sense that I further shared that in my business.

The process of me finding the perfect items takes months.  Honestly.  Finding companies that share my values isn't easy and as a whole, I can't say that the photography industry is 'green'.  I don't randomly select any of the companies I use for products.  I contact them, ask questions, read reviews and recommendations, ask for specifics on papers, order samples, research where things are made, and I seek out local companies and artisans whenever possible.  By doing these things, I can feel better about giving our children more.  More of the good stuff they deserve.  More clean air, more trees, better water......

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. - native american proverb.

.While I think this will be an ongoing process as new products emerge, I am really excited about a few new additions this year.

Matte paper prints will be making their way into many of your packages this year.  The papers are produced in the USA, by a company that has won awards for their commitment to the environment - in both their production of the papers but also by offsetting their energy usage by purchasing wind energy credits.

eco friendly products childrens photographer milwaukee photographer

The albums that I am super excited to introduce this year (which will now be included in two of the portrait collections), will feature the beautiful matte paper as well, displaying beautiful contrast and colors, while being acid free/archival quality, to last for generations.

eco friendly photographer milwaukee photographer ablums

I will continue to provide your digital files on a FSC certified wood USB drives, however, you will now have the option to forgo the USB and download your digital files directly to your computer.

eco friendly photographer milwaukee photographer

The canvas gallery wraps (not pictured yet) are made right here in Wisconsin, requiring significantly less miles on a truck for shipping.

The sweet little accordion albums (lower left), especially popular for gift giving, will continue to be printed on recycled paper, as they have been for years.

As always, all products will be shipped or delivered using minimal but pretty recycled packaging.

recycled paper albums milwaukee photographer

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unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. it's not. -the lorax.