Sights of Summer {3}

My little rockstars both (yep...both) had bone graft surgery last week (which, in layman's terms, means they took bone from their skull and grafted it into their gums to fill in the spots where they had deficient bone growth secondary to their cleft lip/palate).  They did amazing and are recovering really well, but the rest of our summer is now dedicated to recovery, which means very limited physical activity and a soft diet (not fun when you're 8.  Or 37).

If you've noticed my posts have been a bit sparse, that is why.  We dedicated our extra time to helping the girls have as much fun (and eating all of their favorite foods) as they could prior to surgery.   They did humor me by allowing me to take them on a little shoot prior to the big day though (if we promised to let them go swinging).

I cannot say enough, how proud of them we are.  They've handled this entire thing with more grace than I ever could have expected and I can say, without a doubt, that I shed far more tears than they did throughout this ordeal.

I'm truly the luckiest mama. <3